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Rebasing Mono-T


Sadly, we’re saying good bye to the awesome toto blog engine and we are moving to, the more awesome still, Octopress. The reason is that while toto is simple and efficient, it takes too much time to get some things done, like syntax highlighting of source code and besides I eventually get it done writing some really simple and elegant stuff (using Rack middlewares and pygments), also learning many things in the process, I think I didn’t actually want to spend my time doing that, because I’d rather spend it writing actual content (which is much more difficult for us).

Octopress has also some third party plugins (sidebar is filled with those) and the most important is possibility to create our own custom plugins, so we decided to give it a try.

Of course this layout isn’t the original, but we’ll eventually get it ported to Octopress, or even come up with something new. But for now it is what it is.

Nonetheless, nothing better than to start fresh with a fresh new year. Happy new year to everyone!